You can buy cannabidiol products in the form of supplements, cosmetics or cigarettes in Switzerland.

As long as the THC content of the product is below 1%, it is legal to buy CBD in Switzerland.

You must be at least 18 years old to buy cannabidiol products in Switzerland. Buying CBD in Switzerland is easy. There are many CBD shops in Switzerland. However, always look for good quality.

Where to buy CBD?

Many CBD shops are located throughout Switzerland. You can also buy online. Orders purchased in CBD online shops are shipped throughout Switzerland and Europe. There are many marijuana stores. However, you should always look for high quality products.

You can also find these products at kiosks, gas stations and other stores. You can find various products such as CBD oil/tinctures, capsules, cosmetics, supplements, sprays and cigarettes. Yes, CBD cigarettes. Switzerland is the first country to develop CBD products to replace traditional cigarettes.

Cigarettes containing cannabidiol flowers replace tobacco consumption. We are not saying that CBD cigarettes are healthy. Smoking is unhealthy. You will see such images and logos in the packaging of this product, just like regular cigarettes. However, in terms of opportunities and industry development, it is yet another sign of the country’s openness to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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